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Glove Guide

Here at LatexGloves.co.uk we supply a range of disposable gloves all at unbelievable trade prices! Some glove types are more suited to specific tasks than others, so if you need any help at any time on deciding which glove you need, simply call us on 0800 160 1621 or email out friendly sales team on sales@latexgloves.co.uk.

Nitrile, Latex or Vinyl – choosing the right material

Most disposable gloves are made from 1 of these 3 materials with a handful being made up of a combination of them. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks with Vinyl, Latex and Nitrile offering a good, better, best option respectively.

Vinyl Gloves

Manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride Plastisol, these gloves are a popular choice for users who are sensitive to latex and on a budget. The material itself is extremely soft and most designs provide a snug fit. Vinyl gloves provide reasonable resistance to oil and grease, but lacks the strength of the other materials.

Ideal for low risk, non-invasive procedures and general messy day-to-day tasks.

Latex Gloves

Manufactured from natural rubber latex, latex gloves are the most popular type of disposable glove. The physical properties of the material offer good protection from chemicals, while also offering good elasticity and tensile strength. Out of all three of the materials latex gloves are the most comfortable for prolonged use.

Ideal for prolonged use and tasks which require extra protection against a wider range of chemicals compared to vinyl.

Nitrile Gloves

Manufactured from the synthetic polymer acrylonitrile butadiene, Nitrile is gaining rapid popularity due to its superior strength and exceptional resistance to an increased number aqueous chemical solutions. With a comparable feel to latex, yet 100% latex free these gloves contain none of the proteins known to aggravate sensitivity to natural rubber latex.

Ideal for users sensitive to latex, use in labs and applications where increase protection is required.

Material Property Guide

Property Vinyl (Good) Latex (Better) Nitrile (Best)
Tear & Abrasion Resistance
Cut & Puncture Resistance
Oil & Grease Resistance
General Chemical Resistance
Suitable For Latex Allergy Sufferers

Powdered vs Powder Free

Powdered gloves are covered in a light coating of corn starch powder which helps when putting the glove on (donning). The corn starch also helps to absorb perspiration from the user, allowing comfortable prolonged use.

Powder free gloves do not have this coating; instead they are specially treated during the manufacture process so that donning is as easy as possible. In clinical and medical environments powder free gloves are preferred as it prevents cross contamination by the powder.

Quality Products

AQL stands for acceptable quality limit denoting the worst tolerable process average in percentage or ratio that is still considered acceptable. Our disposable gloves are available in 2 specs: 1.5 or 4.

Simply - the lower the AQL number, the better the glove.

All our gloves are manufactured to their specific limit and all manufacturers have in house procedures to ensure that these standards are met time and time again. If you want to know more our gloves have data sheets, which can be accessed from their product page or by emailing our friendly customer service team.

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